[Research Plan] A Case Study of Assessing ICT Integration in Provincial Philippine Public Schools (M2 Lian)

Hi, everyone!

My last entry was written in the field, and I have gathered (hopefully) sufficient data to analyze for my discussion. It was tiring, but also extremely fun. I always love going home in Davao and this was the longest I have been back since perhaps 5 years ago.

As an October entrant, I only have a semester left and roughly only 2 months to write my master's thesis. Hence, my research plan for this time is simple and clean: write, write, write! I plan on following the basic thesis form I am used to, being: [1] Background of the Study, [2] Review of Related Literature, [3] Methodology, [4] Results, Analysis and Discussion, [5] Conclusion, Limitations, and Recommendations. As of writing, I have finished the first chapter, although should time allow, I would like to polish it even further.

I always find myself having the hardest time writing because I had never liked doing it to reach a word count- which is what most essays require. But the past 1.5 years of taking all these history and media studies definitely trained me to write not only fast, but with great depth and essence. I find myself writing at ease now, and with even better quality compared to what I may have produced prior with twice as much time. Writing is definitely an art, regardless it be prose or poetry. BUT-! Academic Thesis Writing has its own rules and twists, therefore, I enrolled in a course made especially for it. I didn't need further credit, but might as well. After day 1, I had zero regrets- I perhaps saved myself 1-2 weeks just by knowing this reference managing application. It was definitely a great opener.

Regardless how comfortable I am with writing nowadays, literature review has always been my bane. I dedicated 2 full weeks of my time for it, almost as long as the analysis and discussion bit. I plan on organizing my thesis essay like this:

I. Background of the Study
  a. Globalization
      i. ASEAN Integration
  b. K-12 Policy Reform
      i. Technical and Livelihood Education
  c. Philippine Regional Differences
     i. Mindanao and San Isidro
  d. Research Problem and Questions
II. Review of Related Literature
  a. ICT Integration in Elementary Schools
  b. Developing Country Cases with ICT
  c. Philippine Culture in Education
  d. School-based Policy Planning
  e. Teacher and Administrator Motivation
III. Methodology
  a. Theoretical Framework
  b. Mixed Methods Research
      i. Quantitative Survey
      ii. Qualitative Interview
IV. Results, Analysis, and Discussion
  a. San Isidro Elementary Schools Survey Results
  b. Interview Analyses and Interpretation
  c. Participant and Environmental Observations
V. Conclusion, Limitations, and Recommendations

These are all tentative, for sure, and are subject to change as we go along the writing process. I hope to follow through with my very strict schedule, in line with my extra credit {fun} course:

Revised Schedule.PNGThat is all for now, I hope I write a good paper! 頑張ります!
Lian Sabella Castillo